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A Summertime Wedding Reverie

Every once in a while I have the opportunity to shoot a wedding video.  It doesn’t happen often.  I think that sometimes video gets overlooked in favor of photography for these special events.  But on those rare occasions when I’m asked to make a wedding video I always leap at the opportunity.  I just love weddings so much.  They are always fun projects.

I enjoy weddings for many reasons but mainly because everyone at a wedding is having a good time.  Everywhere I point my camera there are people smiling, enjoying each others company, and celebrating one of the most important events in a friend’s or family member’s life.  I love being able to share in the celebration and in the process record that special moment forever.  It tickles me to think that in 10 years the young children of this married couple may be watching their parents’ wedding video and fantasizing about their own weddings some day.  What a treat to be contributing to such a wonderful part of life!

The craftsman in me enjoys the special challenges associated with each wedding video.  No two weddings are ever alike, and so it goes as well for the wedding videos.  Each wedding requires a unique approach to shooting and a personalized editing style.  And I just love challenges and doing new things!

Like I said before, it’s not every weekend that I get to shoot a wedding, but here’s an example of one that I shot last summer.  I hope that I’m able to post more after this summer!



Tip:  Try to connect with the wedding photographer before the event to coordinate your difference shooting styles.  You don’t want to be in their way and you don’t want them to block your shots either.